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June 22, 2019


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Benefits on the Use of Smart Parking Systems

As the urban population today continue to rise, technological advancement through methods of managing resources are becoming more and more important.

Cities nowadays however are becoming smarter to where different people; from ordinary citizens to government agencies now agrees that innovating our technology systems is important to retain a particular level of livability for the urban cities.

Transportation also is a big challenge that urban cities face. There are actually a lot of people who in fact equals traffic congestion and added pressure for the limited resources. Anyone who is living in a city would actually tell that finding a good parking space can be frustrating and could make people late on their appointments and increasing the chaos just to look for a parking spot.

Smart Parking Application

Imagine the case where the sensors determines whether the parking spaces are occupied or available. This actually sends data wirelessly in real time to a gateway and a parking map would be made and is then continuously updated. Drivers would simply use their mobile phones or heads-up display so that they could find a good spot and not having to waste so much time looking in places to where there is no availability. Those that monitors parking violations are directed to the vehicles that are parked illegitimately in order to be removed or be ticketed.

It is crucial to take note that there actually are some parking violations that’s more severe than others. Imagine the issues that could arise when someone illegitimately parks at a spot that’s reserved for people who are handicaps or those intended for parents to pick up their children from school or perhaps a bus stop.

Through having a smart parking system, the enforcement officers could in fact be alerted with regards to the violations immediately. They would be informed on the importance of all in priority. This would allow them to clear off some disruptions fast so they could avoid the problems to become big.

Smart Parking System Marketing Potential

A store owner may combine such parking promotions with free or discounted parking during the non-peak hours so they could increase their business. There are so many possibilities in creating an area of marketing that’s retailers could actually apply.

Resources Available Resources are Maximized

The information that’s generated by smart parking systems will also allow the parking control agencies to be able to maximize the value of resources of which are available. Through the process where they analyze data to know what’s the most effective method to shift pricing, drivers are drawn to park in spaces of which may be vacant on a certain time. To learn about Parking BOXX, visit here.

Urban cities require space where they can leave their car and not needing to walk long distances towards their destination. WIth smart parking systems, it allows all in making the most of the spots available while they are able to improve efficiency on parking management.